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Jewelry Maison is run by a jewelry lover who has bought, sold, collected, traded, studied, and enjoyed jewelry for 20 years...

Please use the Collection page to see items currently available, and please use the Contact Us page if you are interested to buy anything you see on this site. And please use the Blog page to read our latest news.

This website is not only a blog, but also serves the purpose to sell treasures that either I or my friends have collected but no longer wear. The focus of the blog and the jewelry collection for sale is on the great jewelry houses-- such as Bulgari, Verdura, Van Clef & Arpels, or Boucheron, to name a few-- and also on selected vintage or contemporary pieces that exhibit a style reminiscent of the great houses. Always the goal for jewelry collectors is value that lasts, so that we are investing in our jewelry and wearing it for years to come. Collectible treasures, with long term value, is what is sold on this website.

My knowledge of jewelry comes from experience, research, and trial and error, but also selected course work through the national GIA Education program.  I love exchanging tidbits and stories with other jewelry enthusiasts, and learning about new designers. When I travel, I always hunt down both the established stores and also places selling vintage finds. I keep up with seasonal sales at the auction houses. I stay in touch with dealers from whom I've acquired pieces. I hope what I've learned over the years can be shared so that my friends also acquire jewelry of long term value. 


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Have a jewelry treasure of your own that fits with our site and that you want to sell? Let us know.


Our jewelry collection is our current selection of items for sale. It is comprised primarily of estate items, that are signed pieces, meaning they are older pieces from one of our favorite jewelry houses.


On our Blog, we share current jewelry news, or fabulous items we’ve seen. It is updated from time to time, so check back with us to see what’s new.

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